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Like to become apart of our Speedie Waste Team? We continually have driver positions available.

Speedie Waste is frequently interested in hearing from potential applicants that may like to acquire one of our driver positions. As in any industry, Speedie Waste is dedicated to improving its operations as the industry becomes more and more sophisticated. We are eager to hear from any potential applicant that thinks they can for fill our requirements below and would enjoy working in the waste industry.

So if you are the type of person that relishes early morning starts and mid-day finishes, who holds an endorsed truck licence, simply submit an application by filling out the form at the bottom of the page along with your resume to our administration team.

Driver Job Description

Company drivers are required to operate the company's vehicles and equipment in accordance with the regulatory requirements and the company's guidelines contained in a Drivers’ Handbook which is issued on employment. 

Company drivers are authorised to perform the following duties on behalf of the company:

  • Drive, load and unload company vehicles in accordance with the requirements and procedures contained in the company’s Drivers’ Handbook.
  • To complete copies of the company’s collection advice and invoices immediately after each waste collection.
  • Vehicles and equipment are to be operated in accordance with the appropriate code.
  • Daily checks are to be performed in accordance with the Drivers’ Handbook.
  • Vehicles are to be kept clean in accordance with the Drivers’ Handbook.
  • The driver shall ensure that the external condition of the truck/compactor, are clean as required by the Operations Office.
  • Truck and equipment defects to be routinely reported.  Those which are deemed by the driver/operator to be unsafe shall be reported as a matter of priority.

Customer service – responsibilities:

  • Drivers are the main link between the company and the customer and at all times conduct themselves appropriately.
  • They are to ensure that their personal and equipment presentation is of a sufficient standard to maintain the company's reputation and that their dealings with all customers is carried out in such a manner to show the company's concern for its customers needs and the protection of the environment are among its high priorities.


  • Education:
    Be able to confidently read and write the English language.
  • Communications skills:
    Able to successfully communicate with staff and customers.
  • Licensing:
    Hold endorsed license.
  • Legislative & regulatory framework
  • Working knowledge of the traffic codes and council by laws controlling the operations of the company.


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Speedie Waste can service all restaurants and food outlets located around Victoria.

Heavy duty bins can be supplied for all factories and warehouses.

We have the capacity to provide bins for a temporary basis.

As all business accumulate large amounts of rubbish, we has the ability to work with you.

Speedie Waste has been handling waste removal and recycling for businesses for over 50 years now, making us an expert in our field. Our equipment and fleet of disposal trucks are second-to-none, matched only by the expertise of our trained staff.

Co-mingled recycling containers are a friendlier option to recycling that Speedie Waste now offer. Rather than separating your cardboard from your general waste & including other reusable materials in your waste bin, we now allow all clients to combine them in the one container.

Speedie Waste understands that some documents may need extra care when disposing due to confidentiality reasons. Where documents are sensitive, Speedie Waste can provide a collection, destruction and recycling service.

Australia has one of the highest rates of paper recycling in the world and is the world leader in newsprint recycling. Speedie Waste Pty Ltd is proud to be part of this success and strives to encourage others to follow our example.