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Building Sites (temporary sites)

Speedie Waste also has the capacity to provide bins for a temporary basis allowing for un-scheduled pick-ups to occur.

Building sites and property development areas are specified locations that Speedie Waste can develop a service program for an identified period.

Our 2 and 4 metre open skips are ideal for quickly clearing unwanted waste from newly developed properties. The larger 6-24 metre open skips are widely used for ongoing construction sites that require frequent skip changeovers. These skips are designed to transport high volume heavy duty refuse that our permanent bins are unable to accommodate.

Call for a quote and discover the convenience that our open skips can provide to your waste management issues

Speedie Waste can service all restaurants and food outlets located around Victoria.

Heavy duty bins can be supplied for all factories and warehouses.

We have the capacity to provide bins for a temporary basis.

As all business accumulate large amounts of rubbish, we has the ability to work with you.

Speedie Waste has been handling waste removal and recycling for businesses for over 50 years now, making us an expert in our field. Our equipment and fleet of disposal trucks are second-to-none, matched only by the expertise of our trained staff.

Co-mingled recycling containers are a friendlier option to recycling that Speedie Waste now offer. Rather than separating your cardboard from your general waste & including other reusable materials in your waste bin, we now allow all clients to combine them in the one container.

Speedie Waste understands that some documents may need extra care when disposing due to confidentiality reasons. Where documents are sensitive, Speedie Waste can provide a collection, destruction and recycling service.

Australia has one of the highest rates of paper recycling in the world and is the world leader in newsprint recycling. Speedie Waste Pty Ltd is proud to be part of this success and strives to encourage others to follow our example.