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Price Adjustment from

 1 July 2023

Speedie Waste & Recycle service pricing will be adjusted from 1 July 2023 due to the increased Victorian EPA Landfill Levy and associated costs and changes in the Consumer Price Index.


The government increases the Victorian EPA Landfill Levy on 1 July every year. This levy funds the efforts to reduce our landfill use through alternative community waste management including recycling and repurposing, and other sustainability programs.


The  Victorian EPA website has full disclosure of fees and key changes to Victorian waste levies:


We have sent communications to our customers leading up to this year’s increase. We encourage you to speak with your waste management consultants to review recycling solutions to your waste management plan, and related fees.


Your July 2023 invoice will reflect the price changes due to landfill levy increases and the rise of industry operating costs.


It is not too late to have a waste audit. Please contact our team at for your assessment.


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