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From Linear to Circular:

Redefining Waste Management


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Here at Speedie Waste & Recycle, we recognise the urgent need for change in handling waste. The current linear model of extraction, utilisation, and disposal is no longer sustainable. It is leading us down a path of environmental degradation and resource depletion.


To truly pave the way for a sustainable future, we continue to embrace the core principles of a circular economy: refuse, reduce, repurpose, and recycle. Through this approach, we conserve resources, reduce waste, create economic opportunities, mitigate climate change, and preserve our environment, Ensuring Tomorrow for future generations. 



Education and awareness play a crucial role in driving change. Our passionate and knowledgeable waste management consultants have assisted many customers with creating sustainable waste management plans, to improve their diversion from landfill, and change their waste habits; rethink waste, recycling and repurposing.

implementing the four principals below encourages and promotes the achievable pathway of a circular economy: 

We encourage all of our customers to consider a waste audit to implement more sustainable practices into their waste management plans. Join the sustainable movement by contacting us today:


The urgency to transition towards a circular economy is evident. As a waste management company, we understand the critical role we play in this transformation. By actively embracing sustainable practices, such as landfill diversion, investing in eco-friendly equipment, and following the principles of a circular economy, and creating awareness for our customers, we are taking significant strides towards a greener and more sustainable future.

Our commitment to Ensuring Tomorrow extends beyond talk; it is the driving force behind what we believe in and value. Let's embrace this opportunity together, and work towards building a world where waste is minimised, depleting resources are conserved, and sustainability is at the forefront of every decision we make. Thank you!


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