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Transforming Workplace Culture Towards Sustainability

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Established by Planet Ark, National Recycling Week takes place annually in the second week of November (13-19 November, 2023). It serves as a powerful catalyst for change, reminding us of the importance of recycling and the significant role it plays in preserving our environment.


This year, National Recycle Week will be exploring the idea that  'What goes around comes around". 



Here are some simple tips for businesses to get involved:

  • Establish Recycling Stations: Set up clearly labelled recycling bins for different streams, such as cardboard, organic and comingle waste, and so to reduce general waste. Consider using our Speedie Recycling Stations.



  • Conduct a Waste Audit: Create targeted recycling strategies by analysing the type of waste produced in your business, explore opportunities for reduction, and determine which materials can be recycled, and a plan to actualise this


  • Educate Employees: Raise awareness about the significance of recycling and your company's initiatives. Provide training on proper recycling practices, including sorting materials correctly, reducing contamination, and maximising recycling efficiency.

  • Recognise and Reward Recycling Efforts: Implement a recognition program to acknowledge employees who actively participate in recycling to foster a sustainable culture within your business.

  • Reduce Single-Use Items: Encourage reusable water bottles, coffee cups, and lunch containers. Go paperless, reduce packaging waste, and choose eco-friendly alternatives.

Remember that our commitment to recycling should not be limited to a single week, rather it should be the instigator for continual practice. 


By actively getting involved in National Recycling Week and embracing sustainable practices every day, we can all make a difference towards Ensuring Tomorrow.


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