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Guess Who's Turning 70?

We are delighted to share that Speedie Waste & Recycle is getting ready for its 70th anniversary celebration in 2024.

In 1954, Francesco Barilla embarked on a journey, driven by the vision to establish a business that would sustain his family. Fast forward 70 years, and three generations, and the legacy lives on as a family owned and operated company.

1954: The Beginning

  • Speedie Waste is founded by Francesco Barilla in Coburg, Victoria.

  • The company starts as a small waste management service, primarily serving local green grocer businesses and residences.

  • The first vehicle in the fleet, an ex-army 4WD tip truck, is operated by Francesco himself.


1960s: Building on Our Service Commitment

  • Speedie Waste quickly earns a reputation for its reliable services in the community.

  • Experiencing growth, the company expands its reach to neighbouring communities, acquiring its second tip truck and hiring its first employee.

  • Now, Francesco’s sons, the second generation, join the growing team, to assist in the growth and demand for the company.

1970s: Trustworthiness and Growth

  • Demand continues to grow with trust and service, which facilitates the company’s expansion into front lift services, catering for an expansion of customer needs.

  • The Front Lift Loader now services the needs of manufacturing and commercial enterprises.

1980s: Diversification of Services


  • Speedie Waste recognises that segregated waste management plays a crucial role in adopting a more sustainable and environmentally conscious approach to waste disposal.

  • In acknowledgment of the increasing environmental awareness and the need for recycling services, Speedie Waste introduces its initial Mercedes Rear Loader, marking the beginning of a comprehensive fleet dedicated to waste segregation.

1990s: Commitment to Sustainability & Technological


  • Modern waste disposal technologies are introduced for enhanced efficiency.

  • Partnerships with environmental organisations establish Speedie Waste as a leader in adopting progressive industry technologies.

  • Members from Francesco's third family generation become part of the team, actively adding to the company's advancements and innovations.

2000: Digital Conversion & a continual Sustainable Pathway

  • Speedie Waste expands its presence into the North’s Campbellfield’s growing manufacturing corridor.

  • Service expansion now encompasses bulk waste solutions, incorporating compactors, bulk skip bins, and the addition of hook lift vehicles to the growing fleet.

  • Amidst the heightened volume of waste, Speedie Waste persists in upholding the principles of sustainable practices and environmentally friendly waste disposal methods, including recycling and repurposing waste materials.

  • Operations become streamlined through the implementation of an electronic waste management system; an online platform for managing customer relationships, information, and tracking waste management.

Screenshot 2023-11-30 200145.png

2010s: Growth & Community Engagement


  • With growth, Speedie Waste’s head office is now relocated to an additional location in Campbellfield.

  • Speedie Waste & Recycle sets up a Transfer Station to address growing segregation / repurposing requirements and establishes a Geelong Depot to meet demand in the outer west.

  • Fleet and services continue to expand into regional Victoria.

  • Community outreach initiatives grow and centre on reducing waste and providing environmental education, with a specific focus on the tertiary sector.

  • Succession planning focusses on increased diversity within the workplace, including women in senior management roles.

2020 - 2023: Adapting to Global Challenges


  • The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic affects everyone, prompting Speedie Waste & Recycle to enforce safety measures to guarantee continuous waste services.

  • There is continual commitment to sustainability with a focus on landfill diversion.

  • The fleet and serviceable areas are expanding successfully, providing services across Australia and overseeing a diverse range of industries. This includes manufacturing and commercial enterprises, schools and universities, shopping centres, markets, gymnasiums, restaurants, and government facilities.


2024: Platinum Anniversary

  • Speedie Waste will celebrate its 70th year of service to the community by honouring the late Francesco's vision for the significance of waste management, and contributing to the community through charitable support.

  • Speedie Waste will persist in pursuing improved waste management solutions through innovative approaches.

​2025 & beyond: Future Directions 

  • Future waste management solutions lie in its potential to address ever growing environmental challenges and promote sustainability.

  • The importance of future waste management solutions is multidimensional, encompassing environmental conservation, resource efficiency, climate change mitigation, and the wellbeing of both communities and the planet. Advancements in this field are crucial for creating a sustainable and resilient future. 

  • Speedie Waste is onboard with the future waste management solutions which will align with the principles of a circular economy, emphasising the reduction, reuse, and recycling of materials to create a more sustainable and closed loop system.


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