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Recycling Victoria's Pioneering Strategies for a Circular Economy 

Recycling Australia's recent release of a 3-year Strategic Plan and Charter of Engagement reflects a commendable commitment to fostering a world-class circular economy and a more sustainable future. As a management company dedicated to environmental stewardship, we fully endorse their initiatives.

Key areas of focus include:

  1. Elevating Waste Services: Recycling Australia's dedication to reliable waste and resource recovery services aligns with our pursuit of operational excellence and responsible resource utilisation.

  2. Optimising Resource Use: We applaud Recycling Australia's goal of maximising resource efficiency, echoing our commitment to sustainable business practices.

  3. Building Market Confidence: Their efforts to instill confidence in a competitive waste market align with our support for diversity and innovation in the waste sector.

  4. Circular Economy for Sustainability: Recognising the circular economy's role in the net-zero transition is crucial, and we appreciate Recycling Australia's forward-thinking approach.

Green Roofs

Collaboration with stakeholders, including us, state and local governments, industry, and communities, is pivotal. We look forward to actively engaging with Recycling Australia to contribute to the success of their plan.

Recycling Australia's strategic framework provides a solid foundation for a sustainable future, and Speedie Waste & Recycle is excited to play a role in this journey toward a greener tomorrow.

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