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In pledging a commitment to the environment, we create a bigger purpose for our team. We reduce incidental waste and costs, and we drive innovation into our business and a circular economy.


Sustainability becomes the focus in our everyday life, and we shift how we think about our daily practices.

Speedie Waste & Recycle is committed to working sustainably and Ensuring Tomorrow

for our future generations. 


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1. We care for and prioritise our CUSTOMERS

Our customers are a part of the ‘family’ and we treat them the way we like to be treated. We value our customers’ loyalty and acknowledge this by prioritising them and developing products and services to meet our customers' needs. We respect that everyone’s success involves ensuring that all aspects of our company leads to customers’ satisfaction as the number one priority.




We care for our family’s future and for your family’s future. Our motto, Ensuring Tomorrow, reminds us to act conscientiously in our office, workshop, and how we acquire and deliver goods and services. We hold one another accountable with targets.


We respect human rights and our environment. We demonstrate CSR with environmental sustainability initiatives and ethical business practices.


3. We deliver QUALITY and EXCELLENCE in all that we do


We work relentlessly to maintain our strong relationships with our customers by ensuring their satisfaction in the quality of our products and services. We strive for excellence in our commitment to be the best we can be and delivering the best we have to offer.



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4. We demonstrate PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY to one another and to our customers


Respect is a guiding principle for our personal accountability, which stems from a shared appreciation of the value system we hold together. We follow through and finish what we say we will. We recognise that customers and other team members are dependent on our communication, honesty and integrity.


5. We value OUR TEAM


We provide our team members with an environment that fosters individual development and professional growth. We value continued learning and create succession planning opportunities.


6. Our TEAMWORK provides for a more connected work environment


We value and respect the importance of working together collaboratively, supporting one another to achieve our common goals. Teamwork enables us to take advantage of our collective strengths and develop an environment of respect and accountability.