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Did you know?

Recycling just one tonne of paper saves 13 trees and 26,500 litres of water, not to mention energy. Paper can be recycled up to seven times. If it ends up in landfills, it produces methane whilst breaking down; a greenhouse gas that is a problem for global warming. Manufacturing recycled paper can use up to 90% less water and 50% less energy than making it from trees.


Australia has one of the highest rates of paper recycling in the world and Speedie Waste & Recycle is proud to be part of this success.

We launched our Speedie Waste Recycling division over 30 years ago and throughout this time we have seen the importance and value in recycling for a sustainable future, Ensuring Tomorrow.

What you can do?

Choose to use our Paper & Cardboard Recycling services. All paper and cardboard products collected are either sent to certified paper mills to be used as raw material, preproduce new paper or, taken to a transfer facility, for further processing and recycled into wrapping paper and packaging.


Speedie Waste & Recycling offers a variety of solutions to suit your needs, including:

  • Various sized plastic wheelie bins

  • Various sized steel bins

  • Static compactors

  • Bale collection

  • Pallet collection


What CAN be included in your Paper & Cardboard Recycling Bin:

  • Paper

  • Junk mail & flyers 

  • Newspapers & magazines (remove plastic packaging)

  • Cardboard boxes (including cereal, tissue & pizza boxes)

  • Paper bags

  • Egg cartons


Prohibited Items in your Paper & Cardboard Recycling Bin:

  • Heavy cardboard coated with Polyethylene or wax

  • Glass jars, glass bottles & aluminium cans

  • Milk & juice cartons

  • Plastic bags, plastic lids, plastic film & soft plastics

  • Batteries, mobile phones

  • Takeaway coffee cups, lids & straws


Please contact our Waste Management Consultants at / or phone us on +61 3 9305 2265 to organise a quotation and collection.

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