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Did you know?

Investing in Bathroom & Hygiene services will not only keep your workers safe, but it will avoid the dangerous spread and contamination of threatening viruses and bacteria.   

What you can do?

In alliance with the Australian Hygiene Regulations, Speedie Waste & Recycle offers our customers a range of extensive sanitary and hygiene solutions for your workplace. This includes the following services:

Hand Hygiene Solutions:

  • Soap dispensers

  • Hand sanitiser spray

  • Premium hand towel services

Sanitary Disposal Services:

  • Sanitary units

  • Waste bin liners

  • Nappy disposal services

  • In-cubicle servicing

Sanitation Solutions:

  • Toilet seat spray

  • Premium toilet paper services

  • Urinal & WC sanitisers

  • Urinal screens & bio tabs

  • Bacterial treatment

  • Premium toilet paper services

Odour Control Solutions:

  • Auto air freshener

  • Oxy-gen air fresheners

  • Odour control pads

Washroom Vending Machines:

  • Sanitary machines

  • Tampon machines

  • Nappy machines

Sharps / Medical Disposal Services:

  • Contaminated needles and sharps disposal

Please contact our Waste Management Consultants at / or phone us on +61 3 9305 2265 to organise a quotation and collection.

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