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Did you know?

Green waste, also known as 'garden organic waste', is a biodegradable waste which can gradually decompose. When disposed of in landfill, green waste goes through anaerobic decomposition, which is caused by a lack of oxygen, and will subsequently produce greenhouse gases.

What you can do?

Speedie Waste & Recycle offers a sustainable Green Waste Service.


When you segregate your green waste from your general waste, it can be turned into compost and fertilisers, decreases the amount of greenhouse gases produced and improves your environmental footprint.


What CAN be included in your Green Waste Bin:

  • Grass or yard clippings

  • Flowers

  • Small pruning's

  • Leaves

  • Weeds

  • Twigs

  • Branches 

  • Compostable bin liners

Prohibited Items in your Green Waste Bin:

  • Pebbles & rocks

  • Soil

  • Wire & string

  • Pots (plastic & ceramic)

  • Bottles (glass & plastic)

  • Products including bin liners, marked "Biodegradable" or "Degradable"​


Please contact our Waste Management Consultants at / or phone us on +61 3 9305 2265 to organise a quotation and collection.

Green Waste Recycling
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