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Our Earth's resources are not infinite. We work collectively towards ZERO waste and a circular economy, where our resources are not wasted, rather, they are shared, leased, reused, repaired, refurbished and recycled for as long as possible.


A ZERO waste approach relies on the protection of our precious resources through responsible production, consumption, reuse, and the recovery of products, packaging, and materials. It is about avoiding emissions to land, water, or air that threaten the environment or human and animal health and wellbeing.


The five principles of ZERO waste:

1.      Refuse

2.      Reduce

3.      Reuse

4.      Compost

5.      Recycle


For more information on Australia’s ZERO waste movement and the circular economy go to:


Recycling has been integrated into our communities for more than 100 years. Some examples include charities recycling clothing and household goods, and metals melted down and reused.


Did you know that Australia’s recycling rate rose to 60% in 2020, according to the National waste Report.


Unlike the traditional take-make-waste ‘linear’ economy, where the production of goods is at the expense of our ecosystems, endangering our water, soils and air, the circular economy slows down waste and its effects on our environment. The circular economy benefits us all and the environment and creates new business opportunities.


Speedie Waste & Recycle is a committed to the Circular Economy Movement and we work with our customers to embrace repurposing and recycling valuable resources, along with composting and food to energy production.

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Speedie Waste & Recycle will always remain committed to practicing waste to landfill reduction with our valued customers. Our management plans and methods are easy to implement, achievable  and maintainable. Everything has a purpose!


Our enthusiastic waste management consultants will tailor a waste management plan with a focus on your needs, minimising your footprint on the environment, and optimising recycling and repurposing. Every waste management plan promotes the ZERO waste goal.


Our commitment to Ensuring Tomorrow, means that we:

  • Continually work toward minimising our carbon footprint

  • Actively work toward diverting reusable waste from landfill

  • Make all staff and contractors aware of, and compliant with, the Company's Business Management Systems, which incorporate environment systems and AS/NZS 4801:2001 as a standard

  • Will guide and inform our customers of best practice waste reduction and diversion of waste from landfill as referenced by The Waste Hierarchy in the Environment Protection Act 1970, with avoidance being the most desired option, and disposal the least preferred.


The waste management hierarchy breaks this process down into four parts, commonly referred to as the 4Rs: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


Speedie Waste & Recycle encourages all of its customers to apply the following 4Rs of Recycling through carefully considered waste management planning:

  • Refuse: take on the responsibility for your waste; cut down on your waste simply by refusing to buy non-recyclable goods, individually packaged items and single-use plastics

  • Reduce: plan realistic goals on how to limit the amount of waste you create so that you can achieve them

  • Reuse: create reuse habits by using something again that you would normally throw away (e.g. glass jars for food or food scraps for composting)

  • Recycle: separate and sort waste materials so that they can be converted into new materials and objects, and even used for energy to power our homes. Our consultants can help you with this.


For further information please contact your Waste Consultant at / or phone us on +61 3 9305 2265.

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