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Company drivers are required to operate the company's vehicles and equipment in accordance with the regulatory requirements and the company's guidelines contained in a Drivers’ Handbook which is issued on employment. 

Company drivers are authorised to perform the following duties on behalf of the company:

  • Drive, load and unload company vehicles in accordance with the requirements and procedures contained in the company’s Drivers’ Handbook.

  • To complete copies of the company’s collection advice and invoices immediately after each waste collection.

  • Vehicles and equipment are to be operated in accordance with the appropriate code.

  • Daily checks are to be performed in accordance with the Drivers’ Handbook.

  • Vehicles are to be kept clean in accordance with the Drivers’ Handbook.

  • The driver shall ensure that the external condition of the truck/compactor, are clean as required by the Operations Office.

  • Truck and equipment defects to be routinely reported.  Those which are deemed by the driver/operator to be unsafe shall be reported as a matter of priority.


Customer service – responsibilities:

  • Drivers are the main link between the company and the customer and at all times conduct themselves appropriately.

  • They are to ensure that their personal and equipment presentation is of a sufficient standard to maintain the company's reputation and that their dealings with all customers is carried out in such a manner to show the company's concern for its customers needs and the protection of the environment are among its high priorities.



  • Education: Be able to confidently read and write the English language.

  • Communications skills: Able to successfully communicate with staff and customers.

  • Licensing: Hold endorsed license.

  • Legislative & regulatory framework

  • Working knowledge of the traffic codes and council by laws controlling the operations of the company.

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