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Is it time for a Waste Audit?

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Our knowledgeable and enthusiastic waste management consultants can help you create a plan on how to best manage your waste. They will look at segregating your waste to not only improve your diversion from landfill but to change your waste habits and to rethink  waste, recycling and repurposing.

Alternative waste management options are easy, cost effective and encourages more of us to take care of our resources, home and future.


Some alternatives include:


If you are throwing your food scraps out with your general waste we have alternative solutions for you. 

Your food scraps have the ability to be more than just waste and contribute to our circular economy. Consider one of the following service options available:

  • Composting – turn your food into compost with our organic waste collection services.

  • Dehydrators – turn food waste into nourishing rich fertiliser using an installed unit onsite, available in a range of size to best suit your business.

  • Digestors  –  aerobically digest food through your waste water which helps to positively contribute to your environmental footprint.

  • Waste to Energy  – turn food waste to energy to power our homes through a waste to energy program.



Electronic Waste (anything with a power cord) is banned from being disposed of at landfill. The good news is that these products can be recycled and repurposed to close the loop on our Circular Economy. Recycling E-Waste ensures that there is less dependence on our Earth’s natural resources, and this is important when we consider that natural resources can run out.  


Used coffee pods cannot be recycled in your comingle bins as the aluminium used to make these products are too small for recycling facilities to properly process. There are several coffee brands that offer pod recycling programs, so do your research before you buy. Here are a couple of links to assist you in your recycling:



With so many everyday materials that can be recycled; certain plastics, glass, tin and metals, timber, rocks and soil, we can all make a difference to a collective shift toward Ensuring Tomorrow. If you manufacture goods, we also have all sizes of bulk bins to cater for your recycling and repurposing needs.


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