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Speedie's Mindful March Challenge: Embrace Conscious Consumption this Easter

As we revel in the joys of Easter, Speedie Waste & Recycle are challenging you to take part in our Speedie’s Mindful March Challenge by embracing conscious consumption this Easter.


This is more than a challenge — it's an opportunity to redefine our choices, reduce our footprint, and savour the essence of celebration. Here's what you can do to make a difference:

Eco-Friendly Easter Traditions: 

Make your Easter feast more sustainable by choosing locally sourced, organic ingredients. Supporting local farmers not only promotes sustainability, but also strengthens our community ties.

Sustainable Decor:

Use reusable, decorative items or DIY crafts made from recycled materials. Transform your celebration into an eco-friendly affair that leaves a positive impact.

Thoughtful Easter Gifts:

Choose gifts that align with a conscious lifestyle — opt for experiential gifts, handmade treasures, or products from eco-friendly brands. Make intentional choices that contribute to a sustainable gift-giving culture.

Easter Chocolates

Reducing Easter Waste:


Be mindful of waste during Easter celebrations. Choose products with minimal or recyclable packaging, and explore creative ways to reuse or recycle materials after the festivities.

Daily Mindful Consumption:


Extend the conscious choices beyond Easter. Reflect on your purchases, prioritise quality over quantity, and support businesses that share your values. Every mindful choice contributes to positive change.

Join the Speedie Mindful March Challenge and share your journey on our Instagram page to help inspire others and let's create a wave of mindful living that lasts beyond March. Together, we can make a lasting impact on our planet Ensuring Tomorrow.


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