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Decorated Cookies

This holiday season, elevate the festive atmosphere with a touch of sustainability.


Craft a shopping list that embraces eco-friendly options for both your celebratory feast and festive decorations, ensuring a Christmas filled with joy and environmental consciousness.

Santa's Sustainable Christmas Shopping List can include a variety of eco-friendly and ethical choices. Here are some suggestions:

Santa's Sustainable Christmas Shopping List

  • Local and seasonal produce (fruits, vegetables, herbs)​​

  • Bulk items for pantry staples

  • Natural decorations (pinecones, holly, evergreen branches)

  • Crafting materials for DIY ornaments

  • Energy efficient decorations - LED string lights or solar for outdoors

  • Locally sourced DIY gifts

  • Charitable donations

  • Reusable tableware (plates, cutlery, glasses)

  • Compostable bags for easy and eco-friendly cleanup

  • Compost bin for food scraps


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