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Celebrating 70 Years of Achievements

It is with immense joy that Speedie Waste & Recycle announce that we are celebrating our 70th anniversary in  waste management.


What began as a humble venture in 1954, driven by Francesco Barilla, our founder's vision to create a sustainable business for his family, has evolved into seven decades of dedicated service to the community.

Throughout these 70 years, our commitment to the community has extended beyond waste management. We have proudly contributed to various charitable initiatives, emphasising our belief in being a responsible corporate citizen.

As we celebrate this significant milestone, our dedication to pioneering waste management solutions remains unwavering. We are resolute in our pursuit of innovative approaches that not only enhance waste management practices but also contribute positively to the environment.


We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for their trust and support over the years. Here's to 70 years of excellence, and to many more years of advancing sustainability through innovative waste management solutions.

To learn more about how we have evolved over the past 70 years, please view our Speedie timeline.


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