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COMING SOON: Victoria's Easy-to-Use Container Deposit Scheme (CDS-Vic)

Victoria's Container Deposit Scheme is part of the state government's circular economy plan, Recycling Victoria: A new economy, it will launch in November 2023.


CDS is an easy way for Victorians to recycle drink containers, earn money and keep Victoria clean from litter. 

The scheme is simple to use and allows Victorians to receive a 10-cent refund for each eligible can, carton, and bottle that they return. They can choose to keep the refund or donate the funds to a charity, community group, environmental not-for-profit, educational organisation or sports group.

CDS will accept the following containers:


  • plastic soft drink bottles

  • glass beer bottles

  • soft drinks and alcohol sold in cans

  • small fruit juice containers

This exciting initiative aims to transform Victoria's waste and recycling system. It plans to increase the volume and quantity of recycling, making it easier for people to do their part in protecting our environment, and create hundreds of new jobs and economic opportunities across Victoria.


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