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Victorians Earn Over 600 Refund Points for a Cleaner Future

Aluminum Beverage Cans

Victorians use more than 3 billion drink containers every year. With 10c for every container returned through Victoria’s Container Deposit scheme via one of 600 refund points, you have the choice to keep the change, donate to a registered cause, or become a donation partner, whilst keeping Australia clean.

Since its launch in November 2023, the Victoria Container Deposit Scheme has been embraced by Victorians, marking a significant stride towards a cleaner and more sustainable future.


By August, Victorians will have earned more than 600 refund points — a testament to the effectiveness and popularity of the initiative. These refund points not only symbolise individual efforts, but also reflect a collective commitment to environmental stewardship and responsible waste management.

The success of the Container Deposit Scheme can be attributed to its simplicity and tangible benefits. By incentivising the return of containers for recycling, the scheme not only reduces litter and landfill waste, but also promotes a culture of recycling and sustainability. 

As the Container Deposit Scheme continues to gain momentum, it represents a collective shift towards more sustainable practices and a recognition of the role that each individual plays in preserving our planet. Victorians can take pride in the fact that their efforts are making a tangible difference — one refund point at a time.

To find your nearest refund point, go to:


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